Christian Financial Freedom: A Review Article

Christian financial freedom, as used here, is a reference to believers being loosed from debt and loosed to bless others. The purpose of this article is to review Rev. Terry Dean's package, entitled, "Christian Financial Freedom." What follows are some summary highlights, "cons," and then "pros" of the package.

As for summary highlights, Dean supplies two full length books and six audio CDs (i.e., compact discs), by way of electronic downloads. You can print the books on your printer and burn the audio down loads on your CDs, or you can simply save them on your computer and read and listen at your computer. I chose to print the book and burn the CDs.

The first book, Financial Freedom, is a 253 page Bible based discussion on Christian financial freedom. There must be at least 100 verses of scripture that are discussed and more are simply alluded to. He discusses how believers should be financially free from debt and free to carryout God's purpose for their lives, including being blessings to others.

Some chapter titles include "God Has Always Provided Wealth for His People," "Jesus Became Poor so You Could Become Rich," and "How to Become Financially Free from Debt."

The second book, Internet Integrity, is a 217 page practical discussion of several internet business opportunities and tools that are available. Some of the chapter titles include "From Delivering Pizza to a Six-Figure Income Online," "Use Affiliate Marketing to Remove All Risk," and "Integrity Marketing."

This book is for those who want to purse Christian financial freedom, by way of an online business that glorifies God with integrity and being a blessing to those in need.

The six hours of CDs were primarily discussions of material found in the books. The primary emphasis was on personal financial freedom. And then he gave some practical advice about to who have the faith and calling to do internet ministry and business. He knows everyone has not been called to such.

If I had to list a "con" or two, I would say that some of the audio was a little dry for my taste. However, the information was high quality and helpful. I was a little skeptical of Dean's prosperity message; however, he clearly explains that without diligent work, budgeting, getting rid of debt, investing, and giving to God, there will be no prosperity.

On the "pro" side, I cannot tell you how many people I encounter who need Christian financial freedom. They need to be Christians, and they need financial freedom.

This material is very Bible based, and yet it is not simply calling for a miracle from God. It is concerned with us acting wisely to increase income and decrease debt, so we can be a miracle to others.

There are many people who could do better for themselves by way of running their own businesses. It is not for everyone; however, there are many who should give serious and prayerful thought to a part time internet business.

I can say that for me, when I read the e-mails about how people are being blessed by my writing, it is a rewarding ministry. And now I am beginning to see how God may use me to be not simply a financial blessing to others but a role model to those who are interested in internet ministry.

In summary, over 450 pages of work and 6 hours of audio for only $37, with an iron clad money back guarantee for over 50 days, I really don't think you can go wrong with this one. Click here to order your copy.

My doctoral work was focused on "spiritual and economic empowerment in Black churches." I am inspired by this material to revisit my financial literacy teachings. And I believe God is leading me to develop a preaching series to help people understand and live by God's will regarding financial freedom.

550781: The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, Third EditionThe Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, Third Edition
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2437389: Personal FinancesPersonal Finances
By Larry Burkett / Moody Publishers

To build a sturdy house, your builder needs a blueprint. Without it, the house might collapse. To find your way on a journey, you need a map. Without it, you might get lost. To manage your finances correctly, you need a budget. Respected Christian financial expert Larry Burkett used God's Word to show how using a budget will develop a plan of good stewardship. He not only explains the process of creating a budget, he also points out the practical aspects of living on one.

603660: Family Money Management God"s WayFamily Money Management God's Way
By Mahlon Hetrick / Barbour Publishing

Worried about money? Take control of your personal finances with Family Money Management God's Way - a practical, easy-to-use guide for anyone seeking financial freedom. This useful guide offers a clear vision of the benefits of financial freedom, and practical thoughts for attaining that goal. With step-by-step instructions on tracking and controlling spending, creating a budget, and getting out of debt, Family Money Management God's Way includes all the worksheets you'll need, perforated and reproducible. It's a powerful tool to help you bust free from debt and start living abundantly.

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