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Membership and Discipleship Orientation

Please fill in the contact form below (Click Here) if you would like to receive a Membership or Discipleship Orientation books emailed to you. You may pick up a hard copy at the Church's office. This service is absolutely free to the members of Southern Baptist Church. Make sure your Southern Baptist Church giving number and the name of the book(s) is placed on the "Contact Us Form."

The following documents require Adobe Reader to open them. If you do not have Adobe Reader (Click Here)
Sunday School
- Joshua:A Leader for the People 9/6/09
- Gideon:A Deliverer for the People 9/13/09
- Pleading for Mercy :10/10/09
- Holy People :11/1/09

Wednesday Bible Study
- Baptist-Familarity
- Quiz-Covenant
- Quiz-First Eight Article of Faith
- Quiz-Second Eight Article of Faith
- Quiz-Third Eight Article of Faith
- Outline of Mark: Based on the Ryrie Study Bible

The Baptist Top 1000

Bible Top 1000


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