Building Wisely

(Matthew 7:24-27 Pas. Baines, Jr. 1/2018)

Introduction: No matter how great or terrible things may have been for us in the past, tomorrow can be a time of storms. We should build something that can protect us in stormy weather. Our text teaches that hearing and obeying God’s word is like building so wisely that we will be protected when storms come. A key idea in today’s discussion is “We should build wisely upon God’s word.”

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Key Points:

1. Storms are brooding. Notice in Matthew 7:24-27 that the wise and foolish experienced storms. In like manner, we are all subject to experience some storms in our lives.

The storms may come in the form of physical or mental health challenges, financial woes, relational drama, community problems, etc.  Let’s brace ourselves for storms coming in our lives.

2. God Calls for Building. Notice that passages like Philippians 3:12-14 and Matthew 28:19-20 support the idea that God wants His people to build. On one hand, we should thank God for all that has already been built (e.g., our personal, racial, and church stories).

But on the other hand, God is still calling us to do more building. We should work on being better stewards of our mindsets, health, finances, relationships, and service. As a church, we should do better with evangelizing the lost and edifying those who are saved.

We should not stay stuck on the trophies nor trash of last year. Let’s make this a year of pressing forward and building for God’s glory.

3. The Bible is God’s word. Notice II Timothy 3:16 supports the idea that the Bible is still authoritative truth. It is still the best way to know God and His will for our lives. “Yes” there are parts we don’t understand. But after 1,000s of years, it is still true that “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear.” “There is nothing too hard for God.” Singles and married people have found the Bible to be a leaning post. The young and old have found it to be a guiding light in dark times. The rich and poor have found it to be a strong foundation.

Let’s live like the Bible is the word of God. It is not “take it or leave it” advice. It is authoritative for disciples of Christ.


4. We should hear and obey God’s word. Notice in Matthew 7:24-27 that both the foolish and wise heard the word, but only the wise obeyed it. First, we should make sure that we are hearing the word of God.

We should hear it in worship (i.e., singing, praying, and esp. preaching), our personal study and devotional time, and in church sponsored studies (e.g., growth groups and Sunday School). Make a commitment to improve your hearing of God’s word.

Second, we should make sure that we are striving to obey God’s word. We can start with inviting and trying to bring people with us to worship and growth groups, paying our tithes and giving our offerings, and giving our best in serving the Lord.

It is amazing how 150 disciples could grow to 1,200 disciples in three years, if we took the “Each Reach One” concept seriously. Let’s work on hearing and obeying God’s word like the wise builder. Don’t be like those in John 12:42-43.

5. God is able to keep us. Notice in Matthew 7:24-27 that the wise builder was able to make it through the storm. In like manner, no matter how hard we pray and fast, loud and energetic our worship, and we love one another, we must all face some stormy weather (see Mat. 5:45b).

The only thing that can keep us standing is hearing and obeying God’s word. The fads and fashions, popular opinions and philosophies of the day, and what everybody else is doing and what seems right to people (see Pro. 14:12) are all sinking sand. But God’s word is our rock.

It will help us through the rough spots of life, give us joy in our sorrow, peace in our despair, and direction in our confusion.  Let’s work on trusting God’s keeping power.

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