Book of Titus Introduction

This book of Titus or epistle is from Paul to Titus. According to the Ryrie Study Bible, it was written around 65, after Paul had been released from his first Roman imprisonment.

Paul assigned Titus to supervise the churches on the island of Crete. Titus was a Gentile who got saved under Paul’s ministry and worked with him on several ministry efforts.

The major subjects covered in the epistle are as follows: qualifications for leaders, instructions to various age groups, relationship to government, and the relationships among regeneration, human works, and the Holy Spirit.

A key idea in the book is to stay focused on God’s will. This outline is the product of the Ryrie Study Bible:

I.  Opening Greeting, 1:1-4

II. Elders in the Church, 1:5-9

     A.  Their Desirability, 1:5

     B.  Their Qualifications, 1:6-9

III. Offenders in the Church, 1:10-16

IV. Operation of the Church, 2:1-3:11

     A.  Duties of the Minister, 2:1-10

     B.  Living in Response to God’s Grace, 2:11-15

     C.  Demonstration of Good Work, 3:1-11

            1.  In relation to government, 3:1

            2.  In relation to all people, 3:2-7

            3.  In relation to false teachers, 3:8-11

V. Personal Messages and Greetings, 3:12-15

The following sources will be consulted in preparing the teaching notes and are recommended to serious students:

- “Titus” by D. Edmond Hiebert in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (Volume 11), Frank E. Gaebelein, general editor (Grand Rapids, MI: Regency Reference Library, 1978)

P.C. Study Bible CD Rom

Ryrie Study Bible, NIV

Halley’s Bible Handbook (New Revised Edition), Henry H. Halley (Grand Rapids, MI: Regency Reference Library, 1965)

Review Questions

1. This book is thought to be written by _____________________ to _____________________ around ___________.

2. What was Titus’ assignment in this book?

3. What are three of the significant subject matters covered in the book?

4. What is a key idea in the book of Titus?

5. What is the source for the outline that we will be using?

6. Name one of the recommend resources for serious students.

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