Book of Acts Chapter 8 Part 3

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Acts is that believers should be witnesses for the Lord, everywhere they go. Today, we hope to conclude our discussion of the preaching on the Gaza road.

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Read Acts 8:30-40
2. The Preaching on the Gaza Road (8:26-40).
In this section of the book of Acts Philip came across an Ethiopian official.

Philip both helped the man understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptized him. After which, Philip seems to miraculously get transported to Azotus (az-oh’-tuss), where he continued preaching as he traveled.

Applications –
- Everyone needs the word.
Notice in vss. 30-31 of the book of Acts that in spite of the high official’s status, he still needed the word and someone to help him understand.

Having a doctorate degree in medicine (M.D.), in philosophy (Ph.D.), or any advance credential doesn’t make one spiritual mature. Everyone who is not saved need to accept Jesus as savior by faith.

And we are all born as babies in Christ who need to learn how to live by God’s word and then work on actually living by what we know we need to do.

Let’s make sure we share the word with everyone, and let’s make sure our status doesn’t keep us from growing in the Lord. The church should not allow the affluent to get a pass on spiritual exercises – Membership Orientation and Training Union.

And those whom the Lord has blessed with status should not assume that status is an indication of spiritual maturity.

- Christology. Notice in vs. 35 of this section of the book of Acts that Philip talked to the eunuch about Christ from the passage in Isaiah.

Every book of the Bible has something to say about Christ – every book has a Christology. At the core of Christ are the two ideas of His being our savior and our satisfaction.

He saves us from the penalty of our sins. And He satisfies our deepest needs of fulfillment. Let’s work on knowing the Bible well enough that we can tie all parts back to Christ. The blessings of the Bible are tied up in our acceptance of Jesus.

And the punishments of the Bible can be avoided by one’s acceptance of Jesus. The hills and valleys of life can be endured by one’s acceptance of Jesus.

- Flexibility and orderliness. Notice in vss. 36-39 of the book of Acts that the eunuch and Philip improvised and performed a baptism with what they had.

On one hand, if we are not careful, we will be so into our traditional ways of doing things that we miss golden ministry opportunities right before us.

On the other hand, we can be so non-traditional that we become disorderly, in spite of the Bible’s teaching that all things should be done decently and orderly.

Let’s seek to do God’s will with a balance of flexibility and orderliness. The goal is to meet the need, not to perpetuate or discredit the tradition.

- Jesus joy. Notice in vs. 39 of the book of Acts that the eunuch was happy with Jesus, in spite of Philip’s departure. No matter who comes into and goes out of our lives, we should be happy about Jesus.

It is normal to allow for a reasonable amount of grief, when someone leaves (i.e., relocate or death). However, as long as we have Jesus, we still have something to be very joyful about.

Let’s work on keeping Jesus at the center of our joy. Every human being that we know will either leave us, or we will leave them. But for believers, we always have Jesus.

- Being witness everywhere we go. Notice in vss. 39-40 that Philip is transported in some mysterious way from being with the eunuch to being in Azotus. In Azotus, we see that Philips keeps on sharing the good news about Jesus.

We ought not to embarrass ourselves by trying to explain how God transported Philip from one location to another. That is God’s work. What we should focus on is Philip’s example.

As with Philip, wherever the Lord has us, we should be witnesses for the Lord. Don’t be guilty of only sharing Jesus in your church or in your city. Let’s work on being witnesses for Jesus, everywhere we go.

Conclusion: Let's be witnesses for the Lord, everywhere we go. God has much for those who obey His will.

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