Book of Judges Chapter Eight
(Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea in Judges is that God blesses obedience and punishes disobedience. Today, we hope to continue our discussion of Gideon’s conquests.

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Read Judges 8:13-24

2. Gideon’s Conquests (continuation). Gideon returned to those who did not help him and killed many of them. The Israelites asked Gideon to rule over them. He refused. However, he did ask for a portion of the plunder that was taken.


Applications –

- Support the work. Notice in vss. 13-21 that Gideon destroyed those who did not help him carry out God’s will. First, what we see in the text is description of what happened. It is not necessarily a prescription for what should happen in our lives. We should seek God’s wisdom to know the difference.

Second, a point of the text is that “it is dangerous to be uninvolved in the work of the Lord.” James 4:17 teaches that when we know right but don’t do right, that it sin. Sin leads to divine punishment. Think about the sin of not being involved with inviting and bringing loved ones to church, so they can grow with us, in the Lord. Let’s work on understanding God’s will for our lives, which includes being involved with supporting His work. 

- To whom much is given, much is required. Notice in vs. 16 that the elders were singled out. In this text, the elders were probably leaders who were also advanced in years. This text supports the idea that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

The more rank we have in the church and the more years we have in Christ, the more is expected of us. Let’s work on living like those who have been in the Lord for some time. Key measures of our maturity are making sure that we are saved through Christ and living our lives focused on loving God with all that we have and loving others, as we love ourselves.


- Sibling unity. Notice in vs. 19 the idea of sibling unity. Gideon was mindful of those who mistreated his siblings. We would do well to remember that especially as siblings in Christ, “we are in this thing together.” When one person is mistreated, another is subject to be mistreated, especially if nothing is done to stop it.

Let’s work on guarding each other’s reputation. Think about how this applies to our response to gossip and seeing people mistreated.


- Maturity takes time. Notice in vs. 20 that Gideon wanted his son to do something reserved for grown men. Try to look beyond the gruesomeness of the text and see the principle that “we cannot hurry maturity.”

This can be challenging for elders who love their young people so much that they want them to grow up faster than they are able. In order to live as a mature 60+ year old, everyone has to go through the 20-something lessons, followed by the 30-something lessons, and so on. Let’s live like we understand that maturity takes time. Such living should be known for teaching and coaching as well as patience and understanding.


- Knowing when to say “yes” or “no.” Notice in vss. 22-23 that every invitation should not be accepted. In the text, the people wanted Gideon to be their king, instead of God. We should always strive to do what God is calling us to do and avoid doing what God doesn’t want us to do. Somethings are not what they seem on the surface, so we need to pray for God to give us discernment.

Discernment can helps us see both “what” is being asked of us and “why” it is being asked of us. Let’s seek God’s discernment and courage to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no.”


- Sharing with those who have helped us. Notice in vss. 24-26 that Gideon asked for a share of the plunder and the people gave it to him gladly. In like manner, we should gladly share with those who have been instrumental in our being blessed. This is not only true in church (Pastor, staff, Cabinet, etc.), but it is also true outside of the church.

If people have done a good job for us, we should be glad to pay for great service and or products. Let’s work on giving gladly to those who play key roles in our being blessed.

Conclusion: Let’s work on being obedient, instead of disobedient. God has much for those who obey His will.

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