Book of Judges Chapter Six
(Part Three)

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Judges is that God blesses obedience and punishes disobedience. Today, we hope to finish our discussion of the call of Gideon.

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Read Judges 6:24-30

Continuation. In this chapter of Judges the Lord calls for Gideon to destroy the altar of Baal. Gideon is to also offer a burnt offering to the Lord. Gideon was afraid but obedient. The men of the area found out what Gideon did and wanted to kill him.

Applications –

- Somebody always sees. Notice in vss. 28-29 that someone saw Gideon. In like manner, we should remember that someone is likely to see us, no matter how secretive we think we are being.

And if by chance we can hide from people, we cannot hide from God. Let’s live like we believe that God is always watching us. This means we should always strive to obey His will.

- Tearing down idols. Notice in vs. 30 that destroying the idols of others can be dangerous. If people idolize and treat as “all important” things like their money, status, stuff, or tradition, and you come along and tear it down, you are in danger.

First, just as we would be offended, if someone talked against Jesus, in like manner those who worship false gods can be hostilely offended, when we mess with their gods. Second, God demands to be the one and only, which often calls for tearing down other false gods.

Third, God can take care of those who obey Him. Let’s trust God enough to obey Him when He calls us to tear down false gods.

Read Judges 6:31-40

Continuation. In Judges the men did not kill Gideon because of his destruction of Baal’s altar. The Midianites and people of the east gathered to fight against the people of God. Gideon called for fellow Israelites to join him in battle.

Gideon ask God for two signs – a wet fleece and dry ground and then a dry fleece and a wet ground. God granted the requests.

Applications –

- Defenseless idols. Notice in vs. 31 that the false god could not save himself. Who needs a God who cannot defend himself? Think about how we have to work for money, stuff, status, and traditions.

We need a God who can both defend himself and us. Thank God, our God is able to defend Himself and us. Let’s live as if God is able to defend Himself and us. Such living should be known for obedience.

At the core of God’s will are the issues of making sure that we are saved and striving to love God and others, as we love ourselves.

- Evil coalitions. Notice in vs. 33 that the devil is always busy. He has a way of building coalitions to fight against what God is doing in and through your life.

First, don’t be surprised or afraid when coalitions form against you and the good work that God is doing in and through your life. Second, don’t get recruited into a coalition. There are some who get pulled into coalitions without understanding how people are using their participation for an ungodly agenda.

Third, remember that God is able to take care of His own. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Let’s live like we trust God to defend us against evil coalitions. Such living should be known for confidence and obedience.

- Obeying the Spirit. Notice in vss. 34-35 of Judges that the Spirit of God began to move upon Gideon, and he called for coalition for God. First, we should always let the Spirit of God have His way. This calls for being sensitive and discerning of the Spirit’s movement (i.e., prayerful study and wise counsel).

Second, we should be a part of the coalition that is doing God’s will. If we cannot be on the front line, we should try to support those on the front line. Let’s make sure that we are open and obedient to the moving of the Spirit of God.

- Additional signs. Notice in vss. 36-40 that Gideon asked for signs to discern God’s being with him, after he has summoned the coalition. First, as believers, we should put more weight in prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word, instead of seeking signs.

God doesn’t always comply with our request for signs. That is why we need to walk by faith and not be sight. Second, God is a gracious God. He is known for looking past our faults and faulty requests (dry ground and wet fleece) and using us anyhow.

Third, we should give Gideon credit for asking for what was on his heart and being willing to move forward after the sign. There are too many who don’t pray for what is on their heart.

And there are too many who never move forward with what God  is calling them to do, even after  God  has made His will clear. Let’s work on trusting God enough to obey Him without additional signs and wonders.

Conclusion: Let’s work on being obedient, instead of disobedient. God has much for those who obey His will.

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