Judges Chapter Fourteen
(Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Judges is that God blesses obedience and punishes disobedience. Today, we will continue to discuss Samson’s marriage.

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Read Judges 14:15-20

2. Marriage of Samson (continued). We see in Judges that the men of the area intimidated Samson’s wife to get the answer to the riddle. She manipulated the answer out of Samson, and she gave it to the men.

The men told Samson the answer to the riddle, and after an exchange, Samson went and killed some men for their clothes. Samson’s wife was given to essentially his best man.

Applications –

- Relational communication. Notice in vss. 15-18 the communication problems in Samson’s marriage. First, the wife should not have manipulated her husband. Nor should spouses manipulate one another today. Instead of tricking people into doing what we want, we should communicate openly.

Second, Samson referred to his wife in a terrible way – heifer. We should guard against saying in the heat of the moment things we may regret latter on. Let’s work on healthy communication in our relationships. This application is for marriages, friendships, and any relationship that is supposed to be built on trust and respect.

- Meanness. Notice in vs. 15 that people can be so mean. What a terrible thing it was for the men to threaten so much violence because of some clothes and their pride.

On one hand, we should be aware of the meanness of people. On the other hand, we should make sure that we don’t allow the devil to use us as mean people. Let’s be mindful of meanness.

- Healthy separation. Notice in vs. 16 Samson mention that he had not told his secret to his parents; therefore, his wife should not have expected to know the secret either. In other words, Samson was suggesting that he was closer to his parents than his spouse.

The Bible teaches us that our spouse should be closer to us than our parents (see Eph. 5:31; Gen. 2:24). Some of the troubles that we see in marriage comes from people who never left their parents to cleave whole heartedly to one another as a single unit. Let’s work on nurturing healthy marriages. Healthy marriages call for some separation with parents, friends, and others.

- God’s mysterious ways. Notice in vs. 19 that God can empower us to carry out His will in some strange ways. First, it is so tempting to get into the ethics of God empowering Samson to kill even ungodly people, so he can steal their clothes. This may be one of the things we have to ask God about, when we see Him.

Second, we should thank God that He has a record of working in all things for the good of His people. “All things” includes mysterious things that may make no sense to us.

Third, we should make sure that we are on the right side of the transaction. Instead of trying to figure God out, our time and energy may be better spent making sure that we are like the winners and not the losers of the text.

At the core of God’s will for our lives are the issues of accepting Jesus as our savior by faith and striving to live lives that are focused on loving God with all that we have and loving others, as we love ourselves. Let’s make sure we are on the right side of God’s moving.

- The sacredness of life. Notice in verse 20 the giving away of Samson’s wife. She was essentially treated as property. As believers, we should not treat any person like they are just property that we can do whatever we want to do with. Every human being has some image of God in them. Let’s respect the sacredness of life.

Conclusion: Let’s work on being obedient, instead of disobedient. God has much for those who obey His will.

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