Book of Acts 25 Through 28 - Review Questions

1. Based on the Book of Acts 25:9-11, believers should be wise stewards of their civil rights. For American believers, this includes voting, holding elected officials accountable, and being open to being used by God in various capacities.                   

True or False      Explain

2. Based on Acts 25:16, there is really no need to hear the whole case. If one side is right and the other is wrong, there is no need in wasting time.   

True or False      Explain

3. Based on Acts 26:5, no matter how we live, people will simply remember the bad that we have done.  

True     or False           Explain

4. Based on Acts 26:14-15, from God's perspective, how we treat the church is how we treat Jesus.         

True     or False           Explain

5. Based on Acts 26:22, God has a way of keeping us, so we can do His will.        

True or False      Explain

6. Based on Acts 26:31-32, we should work on have strong enough faith to conquer our doubts.  

True     or False          Explain

7. Based on Acts 27:9-12, if you live right, you will avoid the storms of life.        

True or False      Explain

8. Based on Acts 27:21-26, when storms come that we should not have been in, in the first place, we should simply pray. 

True or False   Explain

9. Based on Acts 27:33-38, even in serious situations, practical things like eating and having enough energy are important.

True or False Explain

10. Based on Acts 27:42-43, we can trust people who we have been through troubled times with to treat us right.                   

True or False      Explain

11. Based on Acts 28:1-6, the majority is always right.     

True or False     Explain

12. Based on Acts 28:15, being a friendly face, in the time of trouble, can be a great ministry.

True or False      Explain

13. Based on Acts 28:24, after we have done our best, there is likely to be some who will believe and some who will not.  

True or False      Explain

14. Based on the Book of Acts 28:28, God keeps on trying to get the same people to do right. He doesn't have a plan B.            

True     or False            Explain

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