Book of Acts 21 Through 24 - Review Questions Answers

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Acts is that believers should be witnesses for the Lord, everywhere we go. The following are the answers for the review questions on chapters 21 through 24.

1. In the book of Acts 21:1, 4-8 shows that networking and fellowship are not really important in the church.      

True    or             False        Explain - We do better together.


2. Acts 21:14 shows that there is a time to advise and a time to simply trust that God is leading the leader.            

True   or       False               Explain - God sends leaders to lead, which implies followership as well.


3. In the book of Acts 21:20-26 shows that as believers, we should always stand for the principle of the matter, no matter what.  

True    or       False             Explain - There are times to overlook the smaller matters and focus on the greater good.


4. Acts 21:28-29 shows that we should simply walk by faith, instead of spending too much time trying to understand the facts.           

True    or       False              Explain - We do well to understand the facts as best we can, even though there are many times that we don’t have enough facts and find ourselves forced to step out on faith.                                                                                            

5. Acts 22:9 shows that everyone does not experiences God in the same way.          

True   or       False               Explain - This is case for example, when a saved person and unsaved person hear the same sermon.

6. In the book of Acts 22:12-19 shows that if you have a minor assignment then being faithful is not as important.            

True    or       False             Explain - All assignments are important to the overall success.


7. Acts 22:12-16 shows that God doesn’t use people with shady backgrounds.          

True    or       False              Explain - As God used Paul, He still uses sinners.


8. In the book of Acts 22:16 baptism is mentioned. Christian baptism is how a person gets saved.          

True    or       False             Explain - Baptism is symbolic for believers.


9. Acts 23:11 shows that God always shows up around noon time.                              

True    or       False             Explain - God shows up according to His timing, which is known to vary.

10. Acts 23:11 shows that we should simply pray for courage, when we are afraid.  

True    or       False             Explain - The text teaches us to take it, which implies simply committing to behaving courageously.


11. Acts 23:16 shows that it is good to stay in touch with family.           

True   or       False               Explain - Paul’s nephew came in rather handy.


12. Acts 23:23-30 supports the importance of writing and having sendable people.

True   or       False               Explain - Written communication can be more accurate than verbal and sendable people are needed because no one person can do it all.


13. Acts 24:1 shows that the devil doesn’t use religious or intelligent people.            

True    or       False             Explain - The devil used the religious and intelligent in the text and can do the same today.


14. Acts 24:10-14 supports the idea that believers should be guilty of worship and discipleship.   

True   or             False               Explain - It is God’s will for believers to worship with enthusiasm and to live by the teachings of Jesus.


15. Acts 24:7 shows that giving is not that important.     

True    or       False             Explain - Giving shows where our hearts are.


16. Acts 24:23 shows that God knows how much we can stand.           

True   or       False               Explain - We trust God to keep us from facing more than we can stand.

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