Book of Acts 17 Through 20 - Review Questions Answers

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Acts is that believers should be witnesses for the Lord, everywhere we go. The following are the answers for the review questions on chapters 17 through 20.

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1. Based on the book of Acts 17:4-5, the word of God will draw some and drive others.

True or False Explain – The elect are drawn the non-elect under the influence of the devil are driven.

2. Based on Acts 17:5-9, jealousy was a motivation for the trouble caused for Paul and can be an issue today.

True or False Explain – There are still those who want the important position, attention, or honor that they see given to others (e.g., Pastor, popular, etc.).

3. Based on the book of Acts 17:10, leaders do not need attentive and helpful assistants today.

True or False Explain – Leaders should be able to focus on leading and have people/armor bearers around them to handle miscellaneous things that come up.

4. Based on Acts 17:17, believers need to be able to minister in the church, not in the market place.

True or False Explain – We need to be able to witness in both venues.

5. Based on Acts 17:21, there are some who are long on talk and short on walk and work.

True or False Explain – There are too many who talk a good talk but don’t work a good work.

6. Based on Acts 17:32-34, because people may respond to God's word differently, we should not be faithful in our sharing of God's word, lest we waste good energy on bad people.

True or False Explain – We should tell everybody about the Lord and let the Lord do what He wills with the seed that we have sown.

7. Based on Acts 18:6, if God called you to a place then you need to stay there, no matter how bad things get.

True or False Explain – As in the text, just as God called you from somewhere to where you are, God may call you from where you are to someplace else. We should stay open to God’s will for our lives.

8. Based on the book of Acts 18:9-10, God is more present in some places than others. For example, Israel, Africa, and even our home churches in the Deep South are holier than here.

True or False Explain – The omnipresence of God shoots down this idea.

9. Based on Acts 18:22, Paul was so mature that he did not stay in touch and accountable to a local church.

True or False Explain – All parts of the body are to stay in touch and accountable to the body.

10. Based on Acts 18:26-28, Apollos was probably Caucasian.

True or False Explain – Apollos’ coming from Africa is a good indication that he was a person of color, if not what many of us would call Black.

11. Based on Acts 19:1-7, Baptists believe that a person can be saved without having the Holy Spirit today.

True or False Explain – We believe that to accept Christ as savior by faith includes the receiving of the Holy Spirit at the same time, without any action on our parts.

12. Based on the book of Acts 19:13-16, if you can sing then your discipleship (e.g., study, serve, and give) is not really that important to your ministry of singing.

True or False Explain – Talent is never enough. We need character, discipleship, anointing, otherwise we can have more singing robbers.

13. Based on Acts 19:21-22, bad times may or may not mean that it is time to go.

True or False Explain – There is no one size fit all. There are times when Jesus left and a time when He stayed and died.

14. Based on Acts 19:28-34, there is a danger of getting caught up in a mob mentality, even in religious groups.

True or False Explain – The devil loves to use religious people. Everybody in church is not saved.

15. Based on Acts 20:1-2, we should only be concerned about encouraging others, when things are well with us.

True or False Explain – Some of our greatest ministry to others is often performed in spite of our personal pain. Think about Jesus and Stephen’s talking to the Father about forgiving those who were killing them.

16. Based on Acts 20:3, when you make a plan to serve the Lord, you should stay with it, no matter what.

True or False Explain – We see through a glass darkly. As we learn better, we should do better. We should not allow pride to keep us on the wrong road going the wrong way.

17. Based on the book of Acts 20:7, Christian churches have a direct instruction to worship on Sunday morning.

True or False Explain – We see that the early church worshiped on Sunday. But we do not have an instruction to do the same.

18. Based on Acts 20:7, Paul was a long winded preacher.

True or False Explain – This text shows us what Paul did. It did not suggest that we need to do the same thing

19. Based on Acts 20:25, saints don't have to be concerned with death preparations like wills and insurance.

True or False Explain – Just as Paul prepared the leaders in the text for his death, we should make preparations for our death. Wills and insurance policies can be very helpful for both families and gifts that you want to leave to the church.

20. Based on Acts 20:35, giving is only a blessing to the person who receives.

True or False Explain – Believers experience a great deal of satisfaction in giving in obedience to the Lord and to meet the needs of others.

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