Book of Acts 14 Through 16 - Review Questions Answers

Introduction: A key idea in the book of Acts is that believers should be witnesses for the Lord, everywhere we go. The following are the answers for the review questions on chapters 14 through 16.

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1. Based on the book of Acts 14:2-3, is it possible for the devil to have people in and around the church not only resisting the word of God but also helping others resist as well? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This is possible. We should work on keeping the devil from doing his dirt in our church.

2. Acts 14:19-20 teaches that if you do a great job for God, there will be no big problems, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This is not true. We should work on having the faith to endure problems.

3. How does our Training Union relate to the book of Acts 14:23?

Our Training Union helps to develop discipled trained helpers in the church.

4. How does Acts 15:1 relate to the Pastor's teacher certification and teaching notes?

They help develop trained discipled teachers who can echo what God is saying through our Pastor.

5. How should we be like those we see in Acts 15:4?

We should be known for being a friendly and welcoming church.

6. In Acts 15:11, what does it mean to be saved by grace? How does living by the word of God fit into your answer?

We are rescued from Hell by the undeserved mercy of God. We should strive to live by God’s word to demonstrate our appreciation, to be blessed, and to avoid being punished as children of God.

7. Acts 15:19 teaches that there is a time to stop discussing and start carrying out some actions, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This is true. This is why after our church discussion meetings, it is time to agree and execute what we agreed to.

8. Since we are no longer under the law, the dietary and sexual restrictions of the book of Acts 15:20 are not important, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This is not true. We should still eat in healthy ways, as a means of taking care of God’s temple. And sex outside of marriage is still sin.

9. Acts 15:37-39 shows sometimes the best thing for Christians to do is go in their separate directions, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This is true. If we just cannot make it here any longer, we should go somewhere that we can. Taking a letter shows are respect for things being done decently and in order.

10. Acts 16:3 suggests that sometimes, we should make sure people don't impose their list of do's and don'ts on us, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

This text teaches the opposite. Sometimes we have to endure some inconveniences for sake of being effective in ministry – becoming all things to all people, so we can save some.

11. Based on Acts 16:9-10, to whom does God normally give the vision for the church to? Who should own the vision? Explain how your answer relates to today.

God normally gives the vision to the leader/Pastor. All in the church should own the vision. We should talk about and carry out our mission, values, and vision as if they are “ours,” not just the Pastor’s.

12. Lydia, in Acts 16:14-15, is an example of a business owning woman with no mention of a husband, right? What does this suggest to women today?

This is true. It should make us open to God doing the same today.

13. Acts 16:28 shows that Paul was bitter about being beaten and put in prison, right? Explain how your answer relates to today.

Paul was not so bitter that he stopped serving the Lord. This should be an example to us about how to serve, in spite of pain and disappointment.

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