Black Women Issues: 3 Tips Regarding Christian Women Strengthening One Another

By Daphene Baines

Black women issues, as referred to in this article, is African American females that are working through situations. Women in general and African American women in particular live in a day where strength is taken from us by various methods of the devil. The devil takes strength from men also.

It is important that we, as a sisterhood, learn what it takes to help strengthen each other. In today’s article let’s look at the fact that in order to strengthen others, we must get connect, work like we are connected, and avoid distractions.

1. Get Connected to the Power Source – John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9 - In order for Black women issues to be confronted, Christian women need to strengthen others. It is vital that they get connected to the power. You must remember that we are saved by Jesus’ death payment for our sins in the past, present, and future.

Empowering African American Christian Women (AACW) to encourage one another can only happen among saved people. When we are connected to the power source, it will give us, as women, the power needed to do a great work.

The question you must ask yourself is, "What is the power source we should be connected to?" God, the One who gives salvation through His son, is the source of power. Remember it is a gift and we are not worthy to receive such a great gift.

When you think about all God has done for His people, even when they did not think about Him, it should make you want to show gratitude. Let’s thank God for such a great gift of salvation and show Him our gratitude.

2. Work Like You are Connected - Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 22:1-10; 28:19-20 - Yes, once connected to the power, we must do what the power wants. Black women issues will persist; however, if Christian women strengthen one another, the issues will not be too hard to handle.

The problem is many Christian women relax and reap the benefits of salvation without showing thanksgiving. God has saved us to work for Him and many different capacities to pursue His mission of the church - evangelism and edification.

Sometimes Christian women are guilty of relying on others to do the work and join in on the rejoicing over the work being done. This is done because it is easier.

A personal mission that each Black woman can have is to learn what God wants her to do and do it. We need more mentors, teachers, people to share God’s word, youth workers, helpers in the church, and people to help the Pastor.

Let us learn what our personal mission is in relationship to God’s mission and do it diligently without excuses because we do not want to anger God.

3. Avoid Distractions - Yes, Black women issues seem to grow, when they are distracted by people, places, and things. African American Christian Women are facing many challenges that interfere with completing the assignment God gave them.

Once an African American Christian woman has discovered her godly assignment, the devil will not sit back and just allow her to perform. He will throw many stumbling blocks in her way. Think of the story of Ruth and Naomi. These women were married and then one day the enemy took their husbands and they had to move.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was happy and ready to marry Joseph. One day she was told that she was going to have a baby for God. This was not anticipated. Just like these women had things to distract, today’s African American Christian Women have distractions also. Dealing with these distractions without the support of other sisters makes it very difficult.

We wrestle with family (single parents, bad children, aging parents), financial (get paid less for more work, elimination or no jobs, higher utility bills, higher interest rates, higher gas prices, etc.) and health issues (obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, limited exercising).

Let’s take a moment and identify areas we can work for God (desire, ability, and opportunity). Let's connect with our power source, work like we are connected, and avoid distractions.

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