Biblical Prosperity: Four Examples and a Great New Testament Scripture

Biblical prosperity, as used here, is a reference to having more wealth than you need to live on, as seen in the Bible. There are those who would have you to believe that having wealth, riches, or more than you need is not biblical. This article highlights four examples of the contrary.

1. Abraham. As you read the story of Abraham (see Gen. 11-49, esp. Gen. 13:2; 20:14-16), there can be no doubt that Abraham had wealth. He had much more than he personally needed. A strange thing about Abraham's prosperity is that God blessed him, in spite of his sins.

Abram/Abraham was deceptive about his wife being only his sister. And yet God blessed him anyhow with so much wealth. God can bless whomever He chooses to bless with as much as He wants to bless them with.

2. Joseph. As you read the story of Joseph (see Gen. 30-50, esp. Gen. 39:2; 41:39-52), you see another case of a man who had way more than he personally needed. Joseph was the second in command, in all of Egypt. He had so much that he named his second son, Ephraim, because God has made him fruitful in his land of suffering.

A great point for you to remember is that God can bless you right where you are. You don't have to go back home to be prosperous. God can provide biblical prosperity, in your land of suffering.

3. Job. The story of Job (see Job, esp. 42:10-13) is a story that includes great wealth. The book starts off with a man who was very rich. The story ends with a man with twice as many riches.

A marvelous point in the story is that God made Job twice as prosperous. Even when things don't make sense to our friends or to us, God is able to override all logic and provide biblical prosperity to whomever He wants to give it to.

4. Solomon. The story of Solomon (see I Kgs.; II Chro. 1:10-12) is our last Old Testament example. Solomon asked for wisdom. God gave him both wisdom and prosperity. No doubt Solomon's prosperity was supplied by his subjects' hard work and taxes. This is how God chose to provide wealth for King Solomon.

A point to remember is that God can supply wealth in a number of ways. However, we should remember, according to Deuteronomy 8:17-18, that it is God who supplies our ability to produce wealth.

5. I Timothy 6:17-19. This is a great passage in the New Testament, when considering the subject of biblical prosperity. Notice instructions are given for those believers who are wealthy.

If being wealthy was sinful then there would be no need to give instructions about what to do with biblical prosperity. The essences of the teaching in I Timothy 6:17-19 is that rich Christians ought to be known for their generosity to those in need.

To sum up my thoughts, we have looked at several examples of biblical prosperity. On one hand, God doesn't call His people to live in necessary poverty. On the other hand, all will not be as prosperous as those cited above. The point of the article is to lift some biblical examples of prosperity.

And let me also say that the more God blesses us, the more we ought to be a blessing to others. A great reason to desire prosperity is so we can be miracle and a source of wisdom to others. This motive is much greater than our simply wanting to have more and more extra stuff for ourselves.

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