Baptist Articles of Faith: Teaching Eight

Introduction: The Baptist Articles of Faith should be reviewed from time to time, as suggested by passages like Titus 3:8. Today, we hope to discuss articles fifteen and sixteen.

Read Article 15: Of the Christian Sabbath

Essentially, we believe that Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. It is to be used for religious purposes, not secular ones.

Teaching Points –
- Acts 20:7 shows that the early church gathered on the first day of the week, which is Sunday. Leviticus 23:15 shows that the Passover started on Sunday. Isaiah 58:13-14 teaches that God will bless those who honor Him, by honoring the Sabbath.

Hebrews 10:24-25 teaches the importance of provoking one another unto good works as we gather together regularly. Sunday should be used to urge one another to focus more on love and less on sin.

Let's work on making time for the Lord. We should worship Him, study His word, and strive to obey. We should work on these things together. Rest is important also.

- I personally believe that sin is sin every day, not just on Sunday. As for labor, there are some who have to work on Sunday. And we who eat out on Sunday are a part of having people to work on Sunday. I think we meant well; however, we may be more legalistic here than we really wanted to be.

For example, there are those who are opposed to having short church meetings on Sunday. They would rather miss half of the congregation and come out another day, instead of take 30 minutes to an hour to do what needs to be done.

We can do good on the Sabbath (see Mt. 12:3-14). Let's seek the greatest good (see I Cor. 13:13), instead of simply the most traditional path. If I/we are wrong, thank God for His forgiveness of sin.

In summary, we believe we should make regular time to worship God, study His word, and strive to live by His word with the support of other believers. Our designated day is Sunday.

Read Article 16: Of Civil Government
Essentially, based on our Articles of faith, we believe that God ordains civil government. Governmental officers are to be honored and obeyed, as long as they don't lead us contrary to God's will.

Teaching Points –
- Romans 13:1-7 supports the idea that governmental officers are ordained of God and are to be honored and obeyed. Let's honor our officials and pray for their well-being and for them to do right. Let's urge our people to get involved in the government, so we can improve it from the inside.

- Acts 5:29 teaches that when people lead us contrary to God's will then we are to obey God. Psalms 72:11 teaches that God is the King of kings. Let's be so in tuned with God's will that we know when it is being contradicted or not, and then let's exercise the daily dedication needed to be great disciples.

In summary, we believe that the civil government is ordained by God and is to be honored and obeyed, as long as it is not leading us contrary to God's will.

Conclusion: Let's work on remembering, understanding, and living by the Baptist Articles of Faith. God has much for those who obey His will.

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