Baptist Articles of Faith: Teaching Twelve

Introduction: The Baptist Articles of Faith should be reviewed from time to time, as suggested by passages like Titus 3:8. The Baptist documents are the Church Covenant and Baptist Articles of Faith. Today, we hope to discuss Articles 23 through 24.

Read Article 23: Of the Return of the Lord

Essentially, we believe that Jesus will come again to planet Earth and live among His people, as He did before. We don't know when it will happen. However, we are charged to live a life that demonstrates readiness for His return.

Teaching Points –
- Acts 1:11 teaches that Jesus did ascend up to Heaven, and He will return. Matthew 24:36 (not 26) supports the idea that we should not pay attention to predictions of Jesus' return. No one knows when it will be.

Let's hold on to our faith that Jesus is coming back. However, let's not get excited about predictions regarding His return.

- Titus 1:2 shows that Paul's hope was in the eternal life that was yet to come. II Thessalonians 1:3-8 supports the idea of living right with the anticipation of Jesus' return and His setting things in order. Let's live as if we really believe that Jesus is coming back.

We should not put our hopes in the things of this world, because they will let us down. Such living should be known for loving God, ourselves, and others.

In summary, we believe that Jesus is coming back at an unpredictable time. We should live lives that are focused on obeying the Word of God.

Read Article 24: Of the World to Come
Essentially, we believe Jesus is coming back. There will be a great separation. The righteous will go to Heaven. And the wicked will go to Hell. Adjudged means to decide judicially.

Teaching Points –
- Acts 1:11 again supports the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 24:15 supports the idea of putting our hope in the resurrection of the righteous and wicked. Matthew 25:46 supports the idea that the righteous will have eternal life, while the wicked will have eternal punishment.

We should make sure we are righteous and try to help our loved ones get righteous as well through Christ. We should learn to trust that God will handle the wicked at the right time.

In summary, we believe that the righteous and wicked will be resurrected. The righteous will have eternal life and the wicked eternal punishment.

Conclusion: Let's work on remembering, understanding, and living by the Baptist Articles of Faith. Let's be mindful of the importance of the return of the Lord and world to come.

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