Accumulation of Wealth - Fearless Teaching #9

Accumulation of wealth, as used here, is a reference to gathering assets and money that exceed your needs.

Introduction: I believe this series of studies will help us be stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.A key idea throughout this series is to be fearless (i.e., in relation to this world) and faithful (i.e., in relation to God’s will). This series of teachings is based on the above mentioned book (By Max Lucado. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2009).

The format of the teaching will feature summary highlights of the chapter, some discussion questions and points, and pastoral comments. Students are encouraged to purchase the book; however, these class notes will be sufficient for the intended studies.

Chapter Nine – Make-Believe Money

Summary Highlights -

- Fear of Coming Winter (see Lk. 12:32). The accumulation of wealth is a common defense against fear. However, it is weak defense. Without God, our wealth is powerless (see Lk. 12:16-21; Gen. 11:4-8). God wants us to trust Him, not stuff (see Lk. 12:22, 29, 32). God can be trusted for provision (see Ps. 37:25).

- Almost half the world, more than 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50/day. Most Americans are rich. Fight the progression from poverty to pride (see Hos. 13:6).

God owns everything (see Deut. 10:14; I Chron. 29:11; Hag. 2:8); thus, we see the difference between the man in Luke 12:16-21 (i.e., the fool with barns full of stuff) and the woman in Mark 12:42-44 (i.e., the woman who gave her last and the Lord commended her faithful giving). The woman did wrong according to worldly wisdom, but right according to godly wisdom.

- Move from the fear of sacristy to the comfort of provision.

Discussion Questions and Points –
1. How do you find the balance between wise financial stewardship (see Deu. 8:18 and Lk. 19:12-27) and not putting your faith in the wealth of this world?

2. How do you measure up to the women who gave in spite of having so little?

3. How does the wealth of God fit into how you try to live by the principles of this chapter?

Pastoral Comments –
- There is a balancing act to be performed between Christian financial stewardship and putting one's faith in the wealth of this world. We should be wise stewards, which means we should be concerned with earning high, spending low, investing, and passing wealth on.

However, when we put the accumulation of wealth over other principles in the Bible like giving, peace of mind, and humility then we give wealth too much power. Let's work on trusting God as we strive to be wise financial stewards of what He has put in our trust.

Conclusion: It is my prayer that this material has not simply been interesting. The hope is that you have prayerfully studied it and engaged in some serious soul searching. The ultimate aim is for us to be doers of God’s will – mature disciples of Christ.

Let’s continue to work on being both fearless (i.e., in relation to this world) and faithful (i.e., in relation to God’s will). God has much for those who obey His will.  

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