A Winner's Mindset: Keep Going (Part 8)

(II Timothy 2:3-4, Psalm 27:12-14, Galatians 6:9 and Romans 8:37 Pas. Baines, Jr. 12/2017)

Introduction: If we believe that we are losers, we will sow and reap like losers. But if we believe that we are winners through Christ, God can help us to sow and reap like winner. A key idea in today’s discussion is “We should keep going.’”

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Key Points:

1. Sometimes our own sins tempt us to quit. Notice in Mark 14:72 that Peter wept about his own sins. In like manner, as disciples we should not embarrass ourselves by comparing our sins. We all struggle with sin (see I Jn. 1:8).

And sometimes the stress of being convicted by the Holy Spirit (see Jn. 16:8) and yet addicted to our sins tempt us to quit.

Some people respond to this stress by quit coming to church and saying to themselves, “At least I am not a hypocrite.” In essence, they give into the sin. Others deal with the stress of their sins by finding a preacher who will make them feel good without challenging them to be good.  

A better response is to confess your sins, receive God’s forgiveness and grace (see I Jn. 1:9), and keep going with your life.  Let’s keep going, instead of just giving in to our sins.

2. Sometimes our circumstances tempt us to quit. Notice that Matthew 5:13-16 supports the idea that there is so much decay and darkness. It is easy to keep working on our mindsets when all is summery.

But when winter comes - our joy is low, health is shot, wealth has been eaten up, friends have turned, and contributions are ignored - we are all tempted to quit.

There are many who worked so hard to get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed who must be disappointed and tempted to quit, when they see so much apathy, self-destructive behavior, and lack of personal responsibility among their own people today.

The devil would love for us to quit, but God is calling us to keep going. Let’s keep going, in spite of negative circumstances.

3. Sometimes are enemies tempted us to quit. Notice in II Timothy 2:3-4 and Psalm 27:12 that Paul and David knew about enemies. Many of us know about having enemies. Some of our enemies have to do with racism, classism, genderism, and some even colorism.

There may be enemies on your job and/or in your community. You can even have enemies in your church. The stress of being on guard against enemies and trying to attack those who have attacked you can be so draining that you feel like quitting.

But God is calling us to keep going. Let’s keep going, instead of giving in to the stress of our enemies.

4. Family enemies. Notice in Mark 13:12-13 that we can have enemies in our families. We choose friends but are stuck with family. The permanency of family can make the stress extra draining.

Husbands and wives have become enemies over infidelity, stillborn children, and financial dreams being destroyed. Parents and children have become enemies over child molestation, abuse of elders, and the poisoning influence of relatives.

Cousins and relatives have become enemies over stolen money, stolen girl and boy friends, and jealousy. The devil wants us to look at all of this and conclude that we might as well quit working on this “winner mindset” stuff and just lay back and enjoy our lives with some people who can appreciate us.

But God calls us to keep going. Let’s keep going, in spite of family drama.

5. Remember the blessings that await us. Notice in II Timothy 2:3-4 that the solider keeps fighting for the joy of pleasing his commanding officer.

Notice in Galatians 6:9 that the farmer keeps working for the joy of the harvest. In like manner, God has so much for us, if we would just keep going (see Eph. 3:20).

If we keep going, the Lord can give us back our joy, health, wealth, loved ones, and contribution. The Lord can turn our midnights into noons, our weeping into laughter, and our storms into calm times. Let’s keep going, so we can experience the blessings that God has for us.

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