A Suffering People

(I Peter 4:12-19 Dr. Baines, Jr. 1/2020)

Introduction: A key idea in today's lesson is that believers should endure suffering with trust in God. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to develop the faith to endure suffering."

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Read: I Peter 4:12-19

Summary Highlights: Peter tells his readers not to think it strange that they are suffering. On the contrary, they should expect some suffering. They are to rejoice as those who partake in the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Peter urges his readers to make sure they are suffering for the right reason. Suffering for being a Christian is a good thing. However, suffering because of the sin in our lives is terrible. Peter says that judgment and suffering must come.

It starts with the Church, but it also hits those outside of the Church. In fact, it is worst for those outside the Church. Peter urges his readers to make sure that their suffering is according to God's will. He wants them to commit themselves to God and to continue to do good.

Key Points:
1. Fiery trials. Notice in vs. 12 that fiery trails can be expected. ..... Let's work on bracing ourselves for the fiery trials that may come our way

2. Rejoicing in trials. Notice in vs. 13 the urging to rejoice in our trials because to suffer with Christ leads to our being glorified with Him......Let's rejoice about the hope that we have in being with Christ, after our trials.

3. Suffering for the right reason. Notice in vs. 15 that we are to make sure we are not suffering because of our sins. ..... Let's work on living according to God's will, instead of sinning.

4. Shameful suffering. Notice in vs. 16 that there is to be no shame, when suffering is related to one’s being a Christian. However, when suffering is related to sin, we should be so ashamed that we repent of our sins......Let's be examples of those who are so ashamed of our "suffering causing sins" that we repent. 

5. Suffering without Christ. Notice in vs. 18 that the suffering of those who have Christ is no joke; however, the suffering of those who don't have Christ is even worst......Let's work harder on getting our loved ones and others saved, so they will not experience the suffering of those who are lost

6. Being committed. Notice in vs. 19 the urging to commit one’s self to God. .....Let's work on trusting God. 

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