A Hopeful People

(II Peter 3:1-13 Dr. Baines, Jr. 1/2020)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s lesson is that believers should put their hope in God, not in the false teachings of this world. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to make sure that our hopes are in God."

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Read: II Peter 3:1-13

Summary Highlights: Peter writes this second epistle to stir up the minds of his readers. He wants them to remember what had been spoken to them through the prophets and apostles. Peter warns of scoffers. The scoffers will talk against Jesus’ return.

Peter reminds his readers of God’s involvement with creation. Peter assures his readers that God will keep his promises. God is trying to give people a little more time. Judgment is coming. Peter raises the question about how to live by such promises of God. He urges holiness. He urges a hope in God’s supplying a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Key Points:
1. Remember God’s word. Notice in vs. 1 the urging to remember what had been spoken.......Let’s work on listening carefully to what God is saying through His messengers – especially Bible based preaching and teaching.

2. Scoffers. Notice in vss. 3-5 that there will be scoffers. .....Let’s be aware of scoffers and make sure we are not scoffers.

3. God is a promise keeper. Notice in vss. 5-7 that just as sure as God spoke the world into existence and then destroyed it with the great flood, God will destroy the world with fire next time......Let’s work on trusting God, even when we don’t understand His timing or methods.

4. Ignorance. Notice in vs. 8 the urging for the people of God to not be ignorant. .....Let’s work on moving past ignorance to knowing and obeying God’s will.

5. God’s longsuffering. Notice in vs. 9 that one of the reasons for God’s apparent delay is that God has merciful longsuffering.......In other words, let’s help people get saved, so when God’s longsuffering ends, they will not experience His wrath.

6. Holiness. Notice in vs. 11 that the promises of God should lead to our holy, set apart, godly living......Let’s live like we believe the promises of God.

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