A Holy People

(I Peter 1:13-25 Dr. Baines, Jr. 1/2020)

Introduction: A key idea in today's lesson is that God wants us to live holy, instead of according to our former lusts. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to live holy lives."

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Read: I Peter 1:13-25

Summary Highlights: Peter urges his readers to strive to live holy lives. This calls for taking control of one's mind and hoping in Christ. It calls for fighting off the temptation of following after lusts. Peter mentions that God judges according to people's work.

He talks about how believers were redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, not by corruptible things like gold and silver. It was through the foreordained ministry of Jesus that people were able to believe in God, the Father.

Peter talks about how the outgrowth or product of being purified is to love the brethren. He talks about how believers are the product of the incorruptible word of God. Many things like a person's glory will fade. But God's word is said to stand forever.

Key Points:
1. Holy living. Notice in vss. 13, 15 the urging to work on living holy lives. .....Let's work on our holiness.

2. Lust. Notice in vs. 14 the urging to fight off the temptation of yielding to former lusts. .....Let's fight off these temptations.

3. Our ministries. Notice in vss. 17, 20 that God is judging our works. .....Let's work on doing the work that God is calling us to do.

4. Redemption. Notice in vss. 18, 21 that our redemption is based upon what Jesus did for us, not based on the things of this world. ....Let's make sure we are basing our redemption and salvation on our faith in Jesus' payment for our sins.

5. Loving our siblings. Notice in vs. 22 the urging to love the brethren – other believers. .....Let's work on loving one another.

6. Fading. Notice in vss. 24-25 that the glory of a person will fade away, but the word of Lord will last forever. .....Let's trust God's word more than the fading things of this world.

What is one thing you will take from this material and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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